Every bride and groom deserve to have something special, made just for them on their wedding day.  We want you to envision your perfect sweet spread, and then let us make it a reality.  Each Bridal Consultation offers a complimentary sampler of our most elegant and our most popular flavor combinations, in addition to one on one time with one of our bridal specialists.  With new trends emerging everyday, the possibilities are endless.  Feel free to provide any inspirational materials you might have when working with our consultants, and never feel like you have to choose from a book of already existing designs.  We want to create something that is as special and one of a kind as the wonderful day you are celebrating.


Delivery fees will apply beyond 15 miles.

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wedding cakes

Pricing for Wedding Cakes is formulated on a client by client basis using both design and flavor elements.  A detailed price breakdown will be discussed during a formal consultation appointment with a Baked Bridal Specialist.


Approximate Servings

3 Tiers...

6x8x10 serves about 80 people

6x10x12 serves about 138 people

8x10x12 serves about 132 people

8x12x16 serves about 190 people


4 Tiers...

6x8x10x12 serves about 144 people

6x10x14x18 serves about 265 people

8x10x12x14 serves about 216 people


5 Tiers...

6x8x10x12x14 serves about 228 people

8x10x12x14x16 serves about 316 people


For Cakes Larger than 5 Tiers...

To discuss tiered cakes larger than 5 tiers, please contact us via our Contact Inquiry form or via Phone.

cupcake displays


Regular Cupcakes

Start at $2.00 each

Fondant $.25 additional each

Fillings $.25 additional each


Jumbo Cupcakes

Start at $4.50

Fondant $.50 additional each

Fillings $.50 additional each


Mini Cupcakes

Start at $1.25 each

Fondant $.25 additional each


Stand Rentals

Free with Bridal Order $100 Deposit Required (refunded upon return and evaluation)


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gourmet dessert spreads

Dessert Spreads are incredibly unique ways to impress your guests with a wide variety of gourmet treats.  For an accurate price quote, please contact us at Baked!

Most treats come in Regular and Mini sizes.


We offer a wide variety including, but not limited to...

  • Cream Puffs (fresh fruit or fillings optional)
  • Eclairs 
  • Turnovers
  • Lemon Bars
  • Brownies
  • Cheesecakes
  • Cookies
  • Danish
  • Trifles
  • Filled Croissants
  • Cake Pops (on a stick)
  • Magic Bars


If you are looking for something specific that is not listed, please feel free to ask!  We make custom creations all of the time!