Each of our designs are custom, unique to the individual client.  These prices are subject to change.


Custom Specialty Cakes

(prices are based on buttercream decorating, and may vary based on design)


Round or Square Cakes

6"  Double Layer- $15   Triple Layer- $20

8"  Double Layer- $30   Triple Layer- $40

10" Double Layer- $40

12" Double Layer- $50


Specialty Tiered Cakes

Specialty Tiered Cakes are priced based on a client by client basis factoring in flavors and design.  Please fill out an Inquiry Form for more information or to schedule a consultation.



Regular Cupcakes start at $1.75 each (minimum of 6 to order, minimum of 12 each flavor if ordering multiple flavors)

Bella Cupcakes (Jumbo) start at $3.00 each

Mini Cupcakes $1.00 each (minimum of 2 Dozen to order, mini cupcakes do not get fillings)


Sheet Cakes

8" Square Picnic (in Aluminum pan) start at $6.00

1/4 Sheet starts at $25.00

1/2 Sheet starts at $40.00

Full Sheet starts at $65.00


Cookies, Bars, Pastries, & Gourmet Desserts

Please contact us at (920)-290-3045 for an accurate price quote.